Tuesday, February 26, 2008

come on kiss the gun...

he was so tall
overpowering even
she couldn't help
but wonder to herself
when she hugged him
how it would feel
if he slipped his hands
into her boyshorts
would anyone notice
folk meeting and greeting
place crowded
maybe his arms would be hidden
by his dark jacket
button down shirt
as he manuevered
inside her tight jeans
down and inside her warmth
as he spread her lips apart
to the folds of her wet spot
he silently wondered
if the people playing pool
next to them would notice
her hips as they rocked
against the palm of his hand
they both secretly hoped
strangers would ignore
what seemed like a playful kiss
and hand to his cheek
and not hear her roar
"u. r. gonna make me cum"
then him whispering
"go head baby"
the encounter
this one embrace
only lasted 90 seconds
just a taste
that was all it took

"guaranteed for fun"


Skoolboi Krush said...

That's mighty sexy there, GG! I'm scared of you.

Amadeo said...


Shelia said...

You go girl.

PRO said...

*In my Nelly voice; St. Lunatic* It's gettin' hott in herrre!

*Making a pool-shooting outing quick* Hell, that's where all the available balls hang...

Single Black Male said...

Whew ... I think I need a cigarette.

Anonymous said...


Lyrically speaking said...

deliciously written!!