Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sum of a Man...

Naturally when I'm single I daydream of lovers past and MAN! I've loved some beautiful men in my life, and I miss a little part of each of them.
I'm thinking right now...wouldn't it be nice to have them all in one man RIGHT NOW!!
Let's seee...
there was my protector, the writer..man his words would flow like liquid. Instant panty dropper! Not only that he was such a great spiritural advisor and counselor to me, I would cry on his shoulders for hours and he'd always have a solution. and when our time was up he fought for me over and over again. Sweet Temptation should be his nickname because our lovemaking was the best ever..so magnetic and everytime was a good time..orgasms after orgasms for days and nights at a time over and over again. we didn't have any reservations at all and we tried everything. (almost)
I don't think any other man would say I was as a great a lover as I was with him. He was a Sag..he was great with money and I was his student!

then there was the sweet as honey one. He was also my twin, my mirror..i saw the good and bad in me, in him. We had a lot of fun together. Damn he smelled good!
he was always with the "hey sweetie, hey baby" which I loved because I never had that before...The thing I love about him was that he was just so NICE..too nice almost. But at the time I need that we had similar personalities so we GOT each other. I needed affection and love and he gave me that.
he was so even keel and hardly even raised his voice. We didn't argue much and he didnt' start fights.. He didn't show his emotions at all really. But I miss that I could snuggle against him and feel so relaxed and warm in my heart..a truly great love.

oh there was the young clever one, from my home town, my crush, that showed me how great it feels to please someone...our fling didn't last long and we didn't see each other often but when we did I felt like I pleased him and left him satisfied. It pleased me to be around him and show him just how much I wanted him. He was the biggest flirt and I always felt wanted. I wasn't unselfish with him at all. Always the giver. He was a great writer also and I loved reading his words. He was also a music lover like me. Now that I think about it we did have a lot in common. It didn't go beyond a friends/fling/crush tho ..wasn't meant to be anything more than that. *sigh*

Then there was the virgo, my husband and best friend, a great father but ended up as a horrible husband in the end. However, we were great business partners and he had great ambition and drive. We started so many businesses and wrote so many plans for the future. We could dream up anything and make it happen. He is always hustling in his career and I still admire him that about him. I can never call him lazy thats for sure.

I often think of the guy that was such a great dancer that I would walk away from him trembling. I often think of the guy that was so spontaneous we'd just jump up and go. I didn't have to worry about anything he'd take care of all the details. I think of the guy that loved to travel and we had many adventures together. I sometimes think of the body builder that had the best body was the most healthiest of them all. We had great workouts together.
All come and gone...but they've all made me realize sometimes I truly want and never knew I wanted them.

I want a great lover, full of wisdom, thats healthy, that has a way with words, is ambitious, smart, loving, kind, tall, dark and handsome, is a go getter, a great lover ( did I say that), creative, loves music, is patient with us, has faith in us, protects me at all times and loves me for me..quirks and all...I am a gemini so there are many quirks! and I want all of this to come naturally!

I want the sum of all the men that have touched a little part of my life and captured a space in my heart.

Is that too much to ask??