Sunday, September 21, 2008

hurricane m.d....

mommie dearest is gone and in her aftermath....7 days of destruction

broken shower curtain $19.99
2 out of 3 toilets clogged
broken curtain rod $15.00
1 box of Gain - YES A WHOLE BOX IN 7 days....$10.99
6 bags of garbage
2 packs of cigarettes, 1 case of beer, 2 bottles of wine...$56.00
2 weeks of groceries (used in 7 days)...$327.00
2 weeks of gas (used in one week).....$80.00
broken faucet in kitchen (who knows how much this will cost)
2 cans of resolve carpet cleaner...$13.99

having your mom stay with you 7 days...taking care of your house and sick kids while they are on fall break??


love you mommie dearest *muah*

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

lookout weekend...

"I work hard everyday
its all work and no play
with the boss on my back,
he don't give me any slack
I sit down
I day dream
of how my weekends gonna be"

mommie dearest will be here tomorrow..

that is all! (enjoy the music)

*double sigh*

Thursday, September 4, 2008

C's of fall...Crafting, Cuddling, Cards, Creating, Chillin, Connecting and the Champ...

I know for most of you fall means football, well for me it means knitting, scrapbooking, cardmaking and CHILLIN...I'm stirring my creative juices RIGHT NOW and getting ready to hibernate for the winter with lots of new yarn, new 12x12 papers, stickers and embellishments and plenty of handmade projects on my plate.
Crafting: I used to own a scrapbook store and I LOVED IT...2100 sq. ft of pure bliss!!
I used to crank out the pages and I've been published over 22 times, a scrapbookers dream..and it was my passion for so many years and I've neglected it...

Here's one (or two) I completed a few years back for a magazine:

Sadly I haven't submitted anything since 2005...DRAT! so I'm diggin out my boxes and getting back into it...first up a wedding reception album for my aunt! YAY ME!!

Creating: I like to also create a lot of handmade things for the HOME (wooden letters, ornaments out of cd's, etc), here's are a few examples...

Cardmaking: I make a lot of cards and tin holders for cards..Check it!

Crafting Needles: I buy new needles every year..but i can only make scarves!!! this is my favorite yarn to use...called fancy fur..

Cuddling..what better time than the fall/winter months to intimate with your loved ones??..the Champ and I are planning a lot of quality time for quality connecting with each other..YEAH RIGHT...I forgot I have to make appointments between his football games for a few kisses!!!
in this concrete jungle..where do you stand??