Tuesday, September 25, 2007

temperature rising...

I know I said
that I would keep it clean
but its the morning after
and Daddy's Home
my emotions could fill the superdome
he's so amazing, makes my heart leap
visions of last nights reunion
robs me of much needed sleep
can't get it out of my head
how I took him so deep

even now i want to devour him
inside my wet and juicy mouth
he's got a penis shaped hershey bar
want to lick it north and south

grant his every wish
so I awaken him with a kiss
with my tongue a faint trace
did I tell you I love chocolate?
any time and any place?

not shocked at all when like
the sun he rises
its like dick on demand
with a few other surprises
on my back and between my thigh-es

soon he flips me over
and has his way with me
filling me wave after wave
as the ocean does the sea
and he takes me there
you know where
without a thought
without a care

headboard banging against the wall
like there's a fight down the hall
nothing like that going down
just grown folk going to town

I've had my breakfast
and there's a smile on my face
need my vitamins to match his pace
damn its like the amazing race

city to city and back with him
sprinting, biking and marathon swims
need to catch my second wind
gain momentum , go with the flow
its only 5am
gotta a whole DAY to go

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

shut up and drive

I want to always be the 2008 Jaguar convertible on display
in the front semi circle driveway
hear all the neighbors say
ooooh and ahhhhhhhhh

Don't want to be the 1964 Vintage Chevy
that drives heavy,
that nobody sees, hidden away

I am the XK series powerful, exciting
and the most technically advanced.
You'll dream of me and my 400-hp supercharged
V8 engine that's been enhanced

zipping in and out, fast and then slow
with a close gear ratio
to move me
at the speed you desire to go
I see you checking out my features:
automatic wiper sensors and
my touch screen navigation system
I'll take you anywhere you want to linger
Just touch me with your finger...
yeah that one
and I'll take you to heaven and back
never leaving you stranded
keeping all your miles in tact

my ride is supple and controlled
Black diamond finish pearl,
I exude grace and beauty
Like my namesake I'm agile,
athletic and ready for duty

But in the right gear
I can stalk low and slow
on a midnight creep with you
watch my fog lights glow.

I'm expensive I know but its a one time fee
ride in the wind let yourself be free

Honey I'm factory fresh, hot off the press
trust me, you'll be impressed
19inch wheels all four on the ground,
so when you enter me it's from behind

You get in, fill me up,
take possession and control

hand stitched leather seats
watch them take hold
taking you on a ride
my Pirrelli's grip the road
like fingers and toes
bluetooth connectivity
just enter your code

waiting curbside purring like a kitten
nine lives, you already smitten
you'll never have to nurse me
back to life
buy me new stuff,
treat me better than your wife

I've got 5 speed manual transmission,
giving you the ability to make easy transitions

Yeah I got what every man wants,
but I'm customized for you...
me and my new car smell
what can I do for you, Boo.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

who can be?

Who likes to have their ego stroked more .. men or women???
And what is ego-stroking anyways .... just flattery??

I used to think Men wanted it more but now I'm leaning towards Women...
Sure men wouldn't mind hearing sometimes how good they smell, how handsome they are, how smart they look in their suits, how proud we are of them in their careers,
how they "keep the meanest, cleanest, baddest, spinnin on stainless wheels" and that size really doesn't matter and that they are the PERFECT fit, oh and for Mrs. 1969..that they are tall enough too! LOL!

Women like alladat too but we wanna hear it all the time and from everybody: our
bosses, co workers, girlfriends, boyfriends, strangers and neighbors.

I admit I'm a certified ego-stroker NOW...and I wonder if men generally gravitate towards me because of that. I have more male friends than female and I wonder if its because I cater to men and their needs and I love to tell the men around me just how much I appreciate them and how much I'm pleased by them, want to please them and how much I enjoy their company. Sort of like that jezebel in the closet always saying the right things in the right way.
I haven't always been this way..it was certainly developed over time.
and It certainly hasn't always been reciprocated.

But what if the ego-stroking is phony?
I've been guilty of telling my ex-husband he was great in bed but he wasn't but I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I stroked his ego.
I've been with men that weren't that {ahem} well endowed but I told them they were the perfect fit.

How much is enough?? and what is too much? when can it be negative...
I guess when you don't feel compelled to do it at all or when you are doing it for gain.

Because Ego-strokin doesn't just take place in the bedroom and with men and
women in relationships. It also spills over into the workplace.

I used to have only women on my staff that needed to know from me
that I appreciated and valued their work.
I had to develop ego finesse because they wanted to know
they were amazing and needed daily re-assurances
that they were creative enough to get the job done.
So constantly I had to stroke their egos in order to get the results I desired
most times it was effective and everybody was productive
but most times it was not warranted ... it was phony to get what I needed.

so who needs it more? women?
and do they do the most strokin'? I think so

and WHen does ego-strokin go too far?
Is it okay to fake it just to make the other person feel good?
cuz this type of ish happens everyday...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

stay away mr. clean...

I wish you were
a neighbor
a friend
a buddy
that lived close by
that I could see all the time
and avoid whenever I needed to
and be happy with
and be sad with
listen to me
when I tell you
how so many times
I feel like such an idiot
tell you how I wish I could change
all the stupid things I say
that make all the outcomes the same
never going down a different road
maybe you could write them all down
for me so when I say something
brilliant it will be recorded
all the intelligent musings
that come out of my mouth
skyrocket them in the
air for all too see
those that don't believe
that I'm the same person all the time
all the masks just cover temporarily
I wish you could be my boyfriend
wrap your arms around me
and tell me that
I need to just be, relax and melt
that I shouldn't second guess myself
that I am my biggest enemy
I wish you could take me away
to a place
from all the things
that make me wonder
negative things that make
me cower
and color a smile on my face
never fading
not even with a magic eraser

Monday, September 10, 2007

Expectation Level: green

he had her at RED
just realized it today
that she escalated it to
her not him
oh he used to
he brought her there
then left her to wonder
expect too much
now she's
no longer expecting him to stay
expecting him to call
re arrange his life for her
realized today
dayum what took so long
her expectations have been
an unrealistic bubble
that just happened to burst today
why today of all days
like that watermelon bubbalicious
when she was a lil girl
dreaming of dreams that
seemed impossible
but he could make come true
he did
then packed them off
in a neat lil box

she let him
and she knew what was
to come
but still
the expectations were so high
knowing it couldn't last
but still all in
knowing she couldn't keep it up
wasn't that type
but still going deeper
finding out
his supply was under
someone else's demands

took her too much time to
find out
open her eyes and see
she would never be
what she expected to be
to him
that was a faity tale
fantasy in her head
not his
that at first she denied
she wanted
then took it
pulled it out
and he grabbed it back
right from under her feet
and she fell
and now today she
decides to get up
with my help

Friday, September 7, 2007

ain't nobody rip it like me....

I'm the g to the g - e - e, I rock it! yes, indeed
like in the song by Tee-na Ma-reeeeeeeeeeeeeee

okay so anyways...
the fall season brings more work, more projects, more family activities, some book reading (send me my book TIFF), a DVR full of SHOWS TO watch, and lotsa knitting (I have 14 scarves to make by Thanksgiving 0 down 14 to go) *sigh*
..yes GEEGEE knits the heck out of a fuzzy wuzzy scarf...what??!!!

which brings me to this...my TOP 5 of the week

things you didn't know about geegee...

1. I have my ex's music industry nickname on the small of my back which I find extremely sexy and I don't regret it but do you think say my next boyfriend would mind seeing that??? oops!

2. I eat sticky white rice everyday!! I'm obsessed, can't stop myself...Tiffy calls me Mexican but I think I may have some Asian blood in my veins...I'm going this weekend to buy a rice cooker.

3. I knit (as stated above)..but only in the winter and only scarves if someone could teach me how to do a purse HOLLA!

4. I've been a bowling fanatic all my life...
started with me and moms mother/daughter competitions...tons of trophies...my average is about 275..haven't bowled in a few years but I can still whip that azz!!!

5. If I was a woman that digged women I'd have a serious crush on fergie..this chick is HAWT!!!