Wednesday, February 13, 2008

my valentine....

he's black and hot....my MR. COFFEE....LOVE HIM!!!

...my vday gift from DAD...not that *daddy* (protector)

but my biological DAD (you remember the crazy one)

I've been on the horn with TIFFY all week about how I wanted a coffee maker...and this is what I got...called DAD and told him my bank account needed a refresher and he hooked me up.

So I bought this and this...i love coffee mugs

I rented Why Did I Get Married and bought The Best Man

The Protector and I didn't make plans and had no expectations....we are broken up anyways..right


so I have plans with myself, my coffee and my movies.

Got a job interview tomorrow early (so i'm posting this now) then I have the rest of the day off to pamper myself and rest up for my girls weekend!

go gee - dub!!!


1969 said...

Happy Valentine's Day Gee. Now I want some coffee!

Pro said...

Happy Valentine's Day, G' dub! I suppose you and "Joe" are still getting acquainted...

Augustus said...

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