Tuesday, February 12, 2008

good to me....

two things:

i'm reading the 4 agreements thanks to my hairdresser:

1) Say only what you mean
2) Nothing others do is because of you
3)Ask questions..express what you really want
4)Do your best

..in a nutshell everyone should read this book!

and i'm headed to Charlotte to visit my bestest girlfriend from college..
met her on the first day of school...she was also my maid of honor
we are still very close and her dad and my dad are still friends 20 {ahem} years later....
haven't seen her since we took a girls getaway to disney about 4 years ago
she called to tell me she's going on a cruise for her birthday this month
and I want to see her before she goes

I'm also doing a cruise in JUNE...............GEMINI BABY!
..wish we were doing it together - we've always been with each other in spirit even when we don't see each other for years! we've gotten into so much trouble over the years it AIN'T even funny!!

I need to see her...she feeds my spirit...she quenches my soul...gives me a feeling of comfort, she's my warm blanket...she restores my faith and gets me to see the important things in life and I never sweat the small stuff when i'm around her

one time we were driving and ran out of gas...I almost peed in my pants cuz she said
"thats it..we're out of gas"
me: "what????"
her: "we're out of gas"
me: "what do you mean?"
her: "what I said..we are OUT OF GAS!!"
the way she said it just made me die laughing ...
me: "isn't this a hybrid"
her: "what does that have to do with anything"
me: "we shouldn't ever run out of gas"
her: "well we are now"
we sat and cried and laughed so hard for 30mins..we couldn't stop laughing
we couldn't even call for help we just laughed and cried

I know you had to be there but it was the funniest thing ever I swear..I'm crying from laughing so hard right now as I type this!

so anyways..that's my share of the week..aren't you glad you stopped by ;)

:I feel like I’m seeing the world
inside of me
I can tell you that I know,
it's getting easier to breathe:

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1969 said...

Girlfriend trips are the BEST. Have fun and don'tget into any trouble, okay? Well, maybe just a little.