Sunday, December 30, 2007

let's go lil kitty kat....


Monday, December 24, 2007


the new year will mark my anniversary of bloggin
1 year...I was late to bloggin..and it happened by accident
no one in my real life has one really
isn't that odd...so one late night I happened upon
unky then started my own....
met a lot of bloggers in these 12 months

and learned a few lessons

one thang fo sho...no back tracking

i love tiffy...she comes up with the best sayings...

anyways I'm getting off topic
I started writing this time last year cuz I'd just
started dating again after an extremely sad breakup

I started writing about my experiences because
they were all so new to me . I was finding out
for the first time what passion really was
and what love was all about

also discovered how emotionally disconnected
I was which left me questioning
what I really wanted and how could I get it.
I started to analyze everything!

all the hellos and all the goodbyes

this last one was 7 months in the making
but i'm not sad or hurt..

the one before that hurt because he didn't
even try to protect me

but with the protector
we knew it would end up like this
we talked about it over and over again
we knew what we were stepping into
we took the leap anyways
no regrets

for 2008 i'm working on me
before I jump into something
that I start and can't finish
i'm working on my insides
my heart

maybe someone will step to me
I won't have to work so hard
it will just come to me

Top 5 of what I want

1. an easy buttton - got one??

2. how do you put the past behind?

3. how do you move forward?

4. let go of mistakes and heartaches?

5. where do you go from here??

Thursday, December 13, 2007

He"artful" ideas....

the winter blues take control of me the minute it starts to get cold....i get lazy and all i wanna do is sleep in..when I get home from work i want to eat and get in the bed...no tv (cuz its all repeats)...i tend to knit but even that is boring me this season...so i'm looking thru my stacks and stacks of books to read something to keep me awake so I don't go to bed at 830 or 9 cuz I am guilty of that too!!

in my stack I found "Liv.ing Art.fully". One of my craft books by this craft artist named San.dra Mags.amen. its all about creating the life you imagine..I'm hip to that so I start going thru the chapters and it really lifted me out of my winter doldrums..made me want be creative again...and it made me remember that I haven't made my scrapbook calendars for my mother and ex-mother in law: read YIKES!!!

I haven't done a lick of christmas shopping so these artful christmas gifts made me smile.

- create a "coupon book"
this one is my fav...some of my fav themes
"coochie coupons" self explanatory use your imagination
"handy man coupons" if you are a guy you could make coupons for your girlfriend for a "free car wash", "free oil change", "will rotate your tires" (that could fall under coochie coupons LOL!!!
"handmade goodies coupons" - could include coupons for handbaked cookies, cakes, etc.
"maid for a day" - will vacuum, will cook, will run errands
great for moms

- create a "I Remember" book
this could be a book filled with memories of a life live with love...great for husbands and wives, etc..

- create jewelry from beads, etc.
I did this last year for my cousin and she gave them all to her co workers..the nurses loved them

- create a cd with their favorite songs
simple and in expensive and when they play it they will think of you

- create exotic scented candles
they will burn them in the bathroom and think of you

-create a recipe book
you could use all your moms or grandmoms recipes

- create a handwritten letter (more than 2 pages)
this is the simplest and the most heart felt...women LOVE getting handwritten letters. I save all of them and I've had some since college

-plant something for them
as it grows they will think of you

today I'm gonna create something with my hands and feel artful and get some of my christmas gifts out of the way.
My rule is give them something store bought and something handmade
are you an artsy fartsy??..what have you created lately from your bare hands??

tis the season!!!