Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the constant gardener

the constant gardener...
was that thunder?
no the sound of my heart
whilst listening to
his words...in my ears
sharp - loud
but still smooth
resonating deep
his vocals vibrate thru my phone
sending me in shocks
like a jolt
followed by a bolt
of lightening
making this flower flutter
move in the wind at his speed
shuffling me out of the dirt
but still grounded in my roots
steady but weak, falling over
he knows the nourishment
I need
gives it without warning
or nudging or prodding
to me for me when
I don't know what I desire
a quiet storm, unexpected
should've prayed for this
but didn't know it existed
his air makes me breathe
follows me
it pours into me
my middle, my stems
sway to his fertilization
my fruit absorbed by his mouth
no longer wilted but standing strong
no longer stomped and pushed to the ground
his seed
grows me

Saturday, July 14, 2007

honey got a problem...

didn't realize
she had a one
til she sat
the wine glass
on her nightstand
and found
2 empty glasses
already there
from the night before
and the night before

turning into her mother
hers was vodka
odorless and colorless
and men
smooth and loveless

she didn't stop til she burned
down her new kitchen
in her new custom built house
on the beach
fire dept woke her up
laying next to him
cooking for him
they didn't realize the fire
til they were saved

what will it take for *her*
doing this everynight
hers was merlot
dark, almost black
used to be pills
1 then 2 then 3 at a time
the sleeping kind
can't be normal
someone else's
shutting off the brain
acts disappearing
the words
the images
in her head
blurry for the moment

husband got fired??
kids failing school??
overwhelmed at work??

then quit
slow down
turn it off
for that night
or 2 or 3
she can't move
or cry
she closes her eyes
and waits for it
to come back