Sunday, October 26, 2008

random gee...

"I gotta ask myself..what's it gonna be...I gotta make decisions.."
this weekend..

took lower case gees (i love that...) to see HSM3..it was adorable!!

baked these (quick peel apart dough ready in 12 - gotta love good and quick)

kissed him *muah*

started to knit this

bought this

caught up with this dude
... wow!

all these things keep me sane..tv, music, family, the champ, crafts, chocolate!!!

"In and out the day
In and out the night
Im a find my way
Just 2 survive"

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

escape route...

whats my plan??... why am I running?..what am I running from...?? something obviously because...
my dreams lately have been these elaborate escape plans. I mean really long drawn out sessions of me trying to get away from someone or something.
Sidenote: maybe I feel trapped in real life, yeah thats it..NAH.. that would be too easy
but these dreams are so detailed that they could really be turned into the next Jerry Bruckheimer film.
The most recent one last night involved me and 40 other girls.
Sidenote: it wasn't THAT type of dream..
for some reason we’d all gone to this mansion for a shoe sale..all our expensive cars (yes they were expensive) were parked outside and we were browsing the latest foot fetishes. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed all our cars being discretly taken away and stored in an far off trailer. I paid it no mind at first thinking okay maybe they are moving them because of the upcoming fashion show.
Sidenote: on the site where I work we are constantly asked to move our cars because of paving..so I get this part
anyway in this dream I notice the girls are starting to disapear as well so I follow one of the guys moving our cars and they catch me and come after me!
Side note: I like to be the chaser..I dont like to be chased!!!
so I'm booking it ..thru fire escapes, caves, tunnels, more neighborhoods, ramps, elevators, airports, train stations, even in and out of a space shuttle...it never ends..the running...
it never ends...they never catch me and I never stop running
I finally wake up to the comfort of my man...I wish I gave him the same comfort...he doubts I even know how much he loves me...I know..honestly I do.. but I doubt I deserve it , and maybe I can never give it back to him *sigh*

"sometimes i do act flaky"

Monday, October 6, 2008

QOTD: everyday intimacy

The Champ and I (for the past 8 months) have this daily ritual of sending each other questions of the day..any topic...nothing off limits...here's one of them...

The Champ: I read an article in today’s paper about a wife who gave her husband the gift of intimacy everyday for a year. They decided to turn off the television and try some sort of intimacy each day. Do you think that is a realistic goal? Could you see us doing something like that?
CookieLady: Yes of course, we already practice this..when we just lay and chill next to one another..talking..reconnecting after a busy week. When we sit and watch movies together you rubbing my feet, us cuddling...When we sex each other all up and down, in every room. When we hold hands at a play or concert, when we kiss in a movie, when we hug on the street and when we don't see each other we do it with words for example; letters, emails, txts, phone calls. We've even done it via Webcam.
CookieLady: What are some ways she gave him intimacy?
The Champ: They didn’t go into detail about the types of intimacy but mainly they were talking about getting it on. I do enjoy just laying in the bed talking and relaxing with you.
CookieLady: Getting it on every single day???
The Champ: The wife said they averaged 26 – 28 days a month.
Cookie Lady: Well DANG!
The Champ: LOL
CookieLady: Now you answer
The Champ: I think it’s realistic to have some type of intimacy everyday but I don’t know about getting it in each time. Yes, I think we could do something like that. The couple in the article had been married for twenty years and had several children
CookieLady: I will try very hard to give it you..whatever you want and I need..I want to provide that to you
TheChamp: and you do