Wednesday, June 18, 2008


WHY COME...i've developed this bad sleeping habit..passing out after work at 5pm and waking up at 10pm???..groggy, grumpy, thirsty and all alone...all other work folks heading to bed, all sleepy, can't talk...

"just me, myself and I...that's all I got in the endddddddddddddddddd"

nuffin on tv..I'm not even interested in the mole...I need off beat celebrities on there to keep me entertained.

"I see your jealousy as you watching me
(I see you watching me baby)
You watching (Its all good)
It's kinda sexy to me how you watching me (I love it)
You watching me"

guess I will watch my BEYONCE EXPERIENCE DVD over and over ... I'm so addicted to it.

Her body is amazing and the costumes hit all the right spots...

Its made me a super fan of BEY BEY. I mean I rocked the cd for a straight year in heavy rotation..BUT girlfriend gets DOWN in this concert!!!!!

I'm just mad she sung all of her duets ALONE..I wanted to see more than 5 seconds of Jay Z and Destiny's Child...How you gon sing ALL OF 12 Destiny Child songs and not include them???

She didn't invite Sean Paul or Shakira????...*sigh* shiddddddddddd at least bring out Bun B....Slim Thug??

The only "flaws..." was her rendition of Jill Scott's "He loves me" HATED IT!

and the "crank dat" soldier boy dance..WOW could've done without that...

then the angel surrounding her with crocodile tears when she did Flaws and all......HMMMMM not believable AT ALL!!! BUT NOW I LOVE THAT SONG!!!

The lil Chicago parody was FIYAH...her female dancers can be so gangsta one minute then graceful ballerinas the next then belly dancers then next then ...ok lemme stop

Overall to me her voice was strong, the lacefront was fierce with the fan blowing thru it non stop and I'm still mesmerized by the dancers...."drop down scrub the flo wit it"

hopefully they will ease me back into dreamland tonight earlier than 2am like last night..I gotta wake up and pay by "bills, bills, bills..."


CapCity said...

4am huh? LOL! yea, i saw bey live w/her the last of the DC tour @ essence-fest. Had to give it to her: Bey's energy is FIERCE! Her side-kicks were sadly weak in comparison.

& thanx for the roll-add;-)...

Mizrepresent said...

Hey GG, what's up? I have a terrible sleep pattern as well...i know what i need, lol! Have a great weekend!

cryssrenee said...

I saw Bey when she was here in the Lou. She made me tired watching her. The girl is a beast on the stage. I would pay 2 c her all over again

Roddykat said...

Part of the problem may be the 5pm crashing. If you're gonna do that, power nap. Otherwise you're gonna have that. If are having another night like that, how about I tag you like so and you can go here for the details. :)


Mr.Slish said...

You need RED BULL!!!

Blah Blah Blah said...

For the last month, I go to sleep at 4-5 in the morning and wake up around 1-2 in the afternoon. I can't seem to get in a groove...tried to go to bed early...early ended up being 3am.

Proactiff said...

"I'm just mad she sung all of her duets ALONE.."

well at least the both of you have each other for company. she needed no one to sang songs with as you quote, "just me, myself and I...that's all I got in the endddddddddddddddddd"

so there. bey bey is one of us fiyah! Virgos. please bey-leave!

eclectik said...


I dont think her body is amazing at....all