Thursday, June 5, 2008

the truf ruuuuf......

my horoscope today:

All the stimulation you've been adding to your life has been great, but the cost of those experiences is adding up to create quite a sum total on your credit card statement! It's time to add some more bulk to your rapidly dwindling rainy day fund! Put together a budget that's a little bit painful -- force yourself to go without a few indulgences for a while, and you might be able to enjoy a much bigger one later. Delayed gratification isn't always fun, but it is always worth it.

me and budgets don't equal..never have...I want to live life to the fullest and to the max..

why is that so painful???

think I should get a suga daddy....naw...don't think the champ would like that very much!



Eb the Celeb said...

I say get a sugar daddy!!!

Nawl let me stop for the champ cusses me out...lol

Proactiff said...

you already gots a sugah daddy. his ass just stingy. as. hell. when he wanna be... buying boats and property and land and shyt. i take that back. his ass ain't stingy just selfish! i so am breakin' up with him yesterday! on second thought, i need a sugah daddy. can i have your biological daddy who owns tons of land round my parts? lm mf ao!

Roddykat said...

You know I love ya and ain't trying to pile up against the Champ, but a piece of advice:

Don't let him whip that P***y, whip that P***y on 'im. problem solved. :)

Going back in the corner, now.

Dylan said...

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