Sunday, June 15, 2008

deez legz 4 u..

Happy Birthday Baby!

When two Geminis partner off, it really is like four people coming together, as Gemini is represented by the dual sign of the Twins. This relationship will never be boring and both partners will share an intellectual approach to life. Both will not only allow but also appreciate the freedom and variety of expression which is characteristic of Gemini. Both enjoy each other's conversation and love to cultivate the art of discussion. Wit and curiosity make them a stunning and stimulating couple, entertaining each other and the people they socialize with. If they learn to cooperate, rather than compete, they will enjoy a happy relationship.

Gemini is a Mutable Sign. Flexible, easy-going natures make the four of them a perfect couple. Having mastered the art of compromise, two Mutable signs together will easily make an enlightened couple who rarely feel the stress of conflict.

The best aspect of the Gemini-Gemini relationship is the enormous amount of intellectual energy and stimulation. Both keep each other from enduring a mundane existence. Together they can entertain the world and accomplish more than either could alone.



Roddykat said...

WHOOOOOOO! Lookee dem legs!(*whistle*)

Nothing but the finest Wine for you. (*Pours vintage virtual bottle of Pink Champale*)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Double Gee! I'm sure you will do it up as only you know how! just don't hurt nobody, especially not yourself. :)


Tony OH said...

Happy B' Day to you and the Mr. :0)

I see walking is doing nice things for the leggs :0)

He's one fortunate Twin!

And BTW, Gemini's Rule!

Single Black Male.net said...

Damn ... description like that makes me wanna become a Gemni and find Ms. Gemnini ASAP.

And them legs make me wanna ...

CapCity said...

Hmmm, i may have to send U postage for THOSE shoes there, Sistah Gee Gee! Dayumm, those are fly az hayl!! U know i came back to nyc & tol' all the sistahs here we gotta step up our shoe game - the ATL is holdin' the title far as I saw! ;-)

Ummm, i know U & your sweetie had a GOOD b'earthday if those shoes were paht of it! LOL! y'all are so cute - shy on the "outside"! lol!

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

awwww MR. Rod..thanks so much..you are the sweetest!
Thanks TONY OH...GEMS RULES..and you know dis man!!!
SBM...you dont need help in finding the ladies department!! you have that on LOCK!
Cap!! thanks!! the shoes are a gift...the man has style doesn't he??? ATL has nuffin on NYC bout the shoes..I remember your PINK PUMPS..I still need those. *wink*

1969 said...

HAPPY BELATED GEE GEE! Those shoes are HOT!!!!

Hope you enjoyed your day. I bet you did :)

Blah Blah Blah said...

Nice legs...Sexy!

Now why didn't anyone tell me about you two? Y'all wack for keeping secrets from your NYC friend...wack I tell ya!



Proactiff said...

she got legs for days... and knows how ta use 'em! tha shoes tha shit! youbenholdinoutwillis? dat ain't right...

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

thanks sixty!!
blah..i thought you knew?? not my fault *smooches*
tiffy..answer your phone and stop telling me to answer my phone

B. Good said...

Get 'em girl! Sorry I'm so late, but Happy Birthday!

Aunt Jackie said...

Happy belated birthday Miss Gemini!

Griffin said...

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