Thursday, June 12, 2008

really? she wouldn't??

would she??..have you ever?

If you have found a romantic partner in a Gemini, you have a young at heart lover who wants to try new things and is always looking for a new adventure. The Gemini partner will need a quick wit, and the capacity to change directions on a moment's notice. Gemini will frequently test their partners for loyalty and commitment, so try to keep jealousy and anger at bay, because although the challenge at hand may look like it is external, it is often a situation generated by Gemini himself as a test of your commitment. Additionally, while Gemini is often animated and fun, within a short time this can change to brooding and isolative, so learning when to back off completely is important in this relationship. If Gemini becomes bored within the relationship, he will almost certainly move on, often with no concept of the devastation he is causing, so keeping it fresh and alive over the long term is crucial to holding on to a romantic relationship with a Gemini.

Would you actually concoct something just to make someone jealous??..WOW
Have you??

..I've been so guilty of this....I'm not saying recently..but I'm sayin...

1. Pretend to get sexy emails from other men
2. Pretend to get sexy voice messages from other men
3. Pretend to get flowers from anybody
4. Pretend to flirt with someone that likes me
5. Pretend to like someone that likes me


"Maybe we should be taping so you can remember.. I'm just sayin!"

so highschool - ish...WOW I'm ashamed!


Roddykat said...

I have/had a good friend who was a Gemini that I had become quite smitten with many moon ago. I don't get to talk to her now that she's married(and I myself). I don't recall her doing anything like that with any of her conquests that I knew of.

It's too much work to make someone jealous (plus, looks in very poor form for a man). Can't do it.

And "Love Thirst" is that joint! :)
Have you seen the video?

Aunt Jackie said...

as much as i love my daddy and all of my gemini girl friends I will never and i mean never ever ever date a gemini man again...

it doesn't match my virgo sensibility;-)

PS~You looked real cute at the bloggers delight, wish i could have been in attendance ya'll looked like you were having fun!!

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

Mr. Rod..I haven't seen that video..I haven't met ONE devious Gemini I didn't like!
AJ..hey, thanks for the compliment..wish you were there also!! would have loved to have MET YOU!!!! This Gemini woman was married to a VIRGO MAN for 14 years...ACK!!!

Tony OH said...

I guess that excludes me Aunt Jackie! Geminis Rule! You get 2 for the price of 1 :0)
FYI, Geminis are natural born Flirts! :0)

Mizrepresent said...

Naw, i don't think i would, cuz i despise drama...but to each his own.

And what you said about Gems are true, for awhile that's all i was attracted to and dated, it seems we get along real, well until they change up and that other side shows, lol.

B. Good said...

I've thought about it more times than I've actually done it. But its not worth the pretending in the end.

And I'll never date a Gemini man either. Hell to the no.

Rich said...

I don't think i've ever dated a Gemini, for some reason I attracted a lot of Libra's and Virgo's.

I hate chicks playing games on me. I feel like they should be more secure. My wife is a Capricorn and she tries to throw out little test questions, but I see them a mile away and always give the honest answer regardless of what she may want to hear.

I'm a Sagittarius.