Wednesday, January 16, 2008

thanks daddy

wow my dad has always been special but his attitude regarding family is such a downer

sheesh i called the WRONG person tonight

me: hey daddy
him: hey baby..what's up
me: oh i wanted your advice on something
i'm thinking of moving closer to my family (mom's side)
him: why..your mother is crazy baby
me: huh? she doesn't even live there she's in wilmington
i'm thinking of going to greensboro
(with all my aunts (4), my close cousins, my grandmother, etc.)

him: family is the last folk i'd try to move next to
me: huh? (cracking up, asking myself is he serious?)
him: shit living next to strangers is scary enough
family will really treat you like shit
me: what?
him: c, my family is screwing me a new asshole
over this property

(he owns 100+ acres in georgia (also tons of properties in
florida)...and since he's retired his brothers and sisters are
suing him for a piece of it...to make a long story short)

anyways he's bitter..and now I see just how much

me: but daddy i've been to close to my family since i was
baby we've never had any drama..i think it would be a nice
change for me
i moved here 11 years with alex, i've sold my business
nothing is keeping me here now
him: well damn a family...what if they stab you in the back?
what if they move away
me: *blank stare*
i'm sorry you are going thru this with your siblings
but my moms family is different
him: yeah but your mother is crazy

my mom moved to dc, met my dad while working at the state dept.
he went to fight in the war and later they divorce cuz he had issues
and he calls her crazy??

me: wow
him: you might as well move back to dc
me: no its too expensive
him: well damn i can't help you
if you move closer to your family
and the shit hits the fan then don't call me
family will screw you please don't do it
me: we're close daddy it may be the support i need right now
him: shit thats why i walk around with my shotgun now
my damn family
i'm protecting my farm from my family not my neighbors
me: okay daddy i didn't want help just advice
him: well i'm advising you to stay where you are now
me: ok daddy
him: don't worry baby
i'm due to win the lottery any day now
its coming and i'll send you some money
me: speechless again *blank stare*
okay daddy i'll talk to you soon
him: love you
me: i love you too

why do grown folks think "playin their numbers"
is the answer to all prayers???

did i mention my daddy fought in vietnam
he's a lil crazy but i'll always be
daddy's lil girl

.....................................from a distance



nikki said...

lmao@this entry. yeah, ya pops wasn't the guy to call at that particular time. he can't see clearly cuz his folk are screwing him over. that's too bad.

what's in greensboro, though? is it just fam for your or are there are other things to get into? as much as i love my fam, i need a break from their behinds every now and again.

Tha L said...

your daddy cracks me up, kinda reminds me of a crazy cousin of mine...it's too bad he's dealing with family drama, but he don't have to bring you down because he's hurting! do what you do, momma, whatever will make you happy. Smooches!

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

hi nikki, honored to have you by my stop...greensboro??..honestly nothing but fam...the job market there is just as bleak as it is in atlanta..
Lboogie....yeah daddy is hilarious!
i told him i'd ultimately have to make this major decision on my own

we'll see a lot can happen in 6 months!

Nights_that_never_end said...

Hahaha your dad is funny! Family does make drama but I think you should more by your dad, he'd make you laugh!

Disco said...

I LOVE this post!!! I swear this coulda been a convo I had with MY father! TOO funny! :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL! I love his honesty! Too funny.

Pro said...

Mommy dearest was stark mad in that movie. And we both know that real live stems from movies. Crazy folk got plenty of sense, namely your daddy's tightwad ass! He. Know. He. Could. Spot. You. Plenty. Too bad you couldn't shout, "Oh! Father" because he would have kept answern to that shit. ~LMAO

Mr.Slish said...

Now you feel my pain....parents ain't shit..lol

B. Good said...

Welp, now you know exactly how he feels about it, lol.

Anonymous said...

"don't worry baby
i'm due to win the lottery any day now
its coming and i'll send you some money"


No disrespect but with all that property, Pop can't help baby gurl out now and keep his lotto (fantasy) winnings for himself?

[sitting next to you, staring blank]

1969 said...

Your Daddy is hilarious.

Dowhat makes you happy. Sometimes a change of scenery can be good.

Paula D. said...

That was funny. He wasn't holding anything back! Girl, you know our people have to play their numbers!

-Q. said...

Love comes in many different types of packages.. And you know the love is there so ,call before you drive up to Daddy's cuzz we dont want any casualties.

Crazy as some of the subtleties we go through can be, in retrospect, it keeps a us normal in a way.. -Q.