Thursday, January 3, 2008

caller id

does distance really make the heart grow fonder
or does it makes the heart wander

i wonder if it gives you
too much time to think
or too many moments
that are weak

left to your own
would you be naughty
or nice

act on every impulse??

have you ever done something
when you thought no one was looking??

i'm not talking about dancing nekkid
in the mirror?

sort of like a man leaving his wife
alone to take a cruise and
then she finds her soulmate
and never returns to him
been away too long
forgot what he meant to her

a life long cruise..
who needs that??
do you want that

an escape from your life

is anyone ever 100%

who tells everything??
says everything??

do you really want to
know the whole truth

you can't handle the truth!!!

sometimes too much
is too much
I'd rather not know
like the news
don't wanna know
don't wanna see

rose colored glasses

gimme sum!

i wanna see the positive in everything
want you to see it too
optimistic view
if you don't get a job
maybe God's protecting you

you can't see everything
coming your way
you gotta wait for it
the unknown


Pro said...

Stop leaving wire hangers... I mean 'her' name all over the place.

B. Good said...

Things that make you go, hmmmm......