Monday, January 7, 2008


so what is proper blog etiquette??

when is it okay to leave a comment?? only after someone has commented on yours??

how long do you lurk before commenting?? do you just lurk on some blogs and never comment?

when do you add people to your blogroll?? after they've added you, after they've had x amount of comments on your blog??

how many crushes is too many blog crushes?? LOL

this month marks my 1st anniversary of blogging and I still feel new to the game....I have a lot of blog favs and I comment as much as possible and some are on my blogroll but blogland does seem very clique-ish to me still.

I wonder if I've broken any rules. I added, subtracted and re-added folks to my blogroll over and over again. Most folk are there just cuz I enjoy reading their blogs and its fine that they never comment here. Most folk are there because they do comment here and I appreciate that. and most folk are here because i'm on their roll.

and some people I read I want to keep private (don't want anyone else to know about them) lol

i know one site in particular I've commented a few times but did not get that welcome vibe so I never went back....partially because I wasn't a member this invisible club and maybe she didn't want me there...i felt the icy cold and now I just lurk...why?

isn't that so high-school-ish?? are there really blog snobs??

How do you feel when you leave comments but the host never responds to your comments??

and what about the lurkers...read but won't comment..so why read..why not say something?? anything?

if you've ever felt unwelcomed here..email me!!!

i've been getting 75-100 hits aday with only a few comments..maybe I need to find something else to talk about... maybe I should just post photos

that's so blog-ish! why??

do you have any friends in your real life that reads your blog?? I have 2 and it causes problems and sometimes I censor

some people just can't know your every thought....why?


Roddykat said...
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Roddykat said...

While I think you know how I feel about, I will say it any. Keep doing your that, milady. That's why we love you. No need to force it. This is your spot, to talk and show what you want(psst, pics).

Your Blogroll is of whom you follow and want to give others a feel for whom you are feeling. It's not always mutual and doesn't have to be

Peace and love to you as always, Gee Double!

Wait, am I first? wow!

Pro said...

What's normal? We've spoken on this, albeit not at length because of it's high school-ish nature. I live by my mother's mantra, being an only child and all, "You weren't born with a twin. You aren't going to die with one." I apply the shit to everything. I pick and choose my affiliations wisely. I can't worry about who is picking and choosing me. Besides, I'd like to think I blog-write for myself and having a mini audience is a bonus. I can't be commenting on comments all.the.time. I show them love (reciprocate) by hitting up their spot often. That's the nature of keeping my "favorites" to a number that I can handle. I love newcomers, and can't always reciprocate to their space. But, I can say that if they reply with something that strikes me, I check them out, lurk about. This is getting to be a thesis. Call you later to see da hell is up with this blogiversary blues post?

Tha L said...

happy blog-versary, GG! as for the high-schoolish-ness of the blog world, i think it's so true, but bullshit nonetheless. your blog is your space, and although it's cool to receive comments, you shouldn't make your audience the main reason for expressing yourself. this is YOUR space to express YOURSELF. but the very public media that we have chosen to utilize for this purpose makes it inevitable that lurkers and non-commenters will be around. but really, if you're blogging for YOURSELF, then who cares if people comment?

i only add blogs that i visit regularly to my blogroll, could care less if it's reciprocated. i usually respond when folks comment on my stuff, primarily to make people feel welcome in my space...kinda like we're having a time-delayed conversation, LOL. those who don't comment choose not to for a reason, or maybe my shit's just not that interesting! either way, this blog thang is for YOU, so work what you've got.

I, for one, love your spot, and thank you for welcoming me to it *wink*

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

mr. rod...you are just the sweetest!
pro...what's normal?? I am 1000%!!!
awwww...tha L..i'm so glad Pro hipped me to you!!! oh and guess what my new obsession is jasmine rice..YUMMY..and yes I must have a 1/2 cup erryday!

and i know its my spot and 99.5% of all the stuff i write only makes sense to me anyways...but i do wonder about the motivation...why they blog? why come people comment? etc...

my last mantra was "i have a lot to say and damnit you are gonna listen" LMAO!!!

r u there God? its me margaret.

1969 said...

Who cares what anyone thinks? This is YOUR space Gee. Congrats on making a whole year!

Skoolboi Krush said...

I know exactly how you feel about things being like high school on some of these blogs. I basically just do my thing and comment on the blogs I find interesting.

I actually have tried to get my real-life friends to read my blog and when I ask what they thought, most of them haven't even checked me out.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Interesting post! I usually put someone on my blogroll after I've posted on their page, but not necessarily vice versa. I think most bloggers are guilty of the lurking thing. And I only a handful of folks in my real life read mine, which is fine with me.

Eb the Celeb said...

these are some good questions...I often think about them as well...

I usually add people to my blogroll that I check on the regular so that I can go straight to their site from mine....

But for the most part I feel there are no rules in blogging and thats why its considered blogging and not real literature

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

1969..i know i don't care i was asking ya'll what ya'll think..no one gets what i'm writing about anyways! lol
krush..on 2nd thought I don't wany anyone in my real life to read...then i'd have to answer some questions...
camille..i lurk alot too ;)
hey eb..i like that answer...and I love having the links right there on my page so I can get to my favs quickly!!!

The OE said...

I know the answer, but it's Top Secret

Mr.Slish said...

Dayum one year since i told your lurker ass to start your own blog..Wow time does fly....lol

G. Mo said...

there's a such thing as blog etiquette??? lol

seriously, I have to do a better job on my own blog of just acknowledging that folks have made comments... I tend to just read em and never comment once the entry is posted

Anonymous said...

I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing