Monday, January 14, 2008

restricted area...

i try
i really do
to try to find something
wrong with you
in love
with the wrong man
too short
too tall
too skinny
too fat
made perfect
in my eyes
he was worthy
i was not
so i looked for fault
to free myself
to let go
to cut the strings
that were
choking me
squeezing me
from my veins
this love
too controlling
too convincing
too understanding
too devastating
want to find flaw
when you listened
how you comforted
want to find strength
when you rescue
can't find myself
lost in you
hopeful and so untrue
must bend in a new
function alone



Pro said...

Why you gone be using "breakthrough" but hatin' on Mary's new joint; hell all her joints since the 411. *lol* I loved this piece seems like the "old geegee" wrote this. Alas, you are a Gemini. It's a few of you in their to use to your advantage! I ain't hatin'.

Roddykat said...

Now, if I was a dissecting king of person, I would point out what would probably seem to be obvious:

The "breakthrough" would a request.

The questions (if there was one) would be: Is there a "right" fault that would change your resolve?

The rest...that's what email is for. :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if ol' dude feels the same? I wonder if he even knows.

Hmm...sounds like a companion piece...

Anonymous said...

By the way...I'm with Pro. Bring back the OG(G)