Friday, August 17, 2007

combusting at the seams...

If she was smart
she would stay away
the fire in his words
written for her
told her no one could
protect her from him
burning her inside and out

still she went to him
open heart and wounds
never fully closing
never dying off
everyone there
to piece apart
dissect her
wishing they knew her
felt the heat
her heart
not even close

no one loved her as much
as she loved them
patterns untraceable
senses numb
going blindly
just to feel something

she lets go, walks away
then back in again
deeper than before
and worst off
still she goes to him
consumed by the flame
she keeps going

The sparks in his eyes
told her he'd try
"I'll be the guard" he says
but she already knew
he couldn't tell the truth
couldn't love
it was too hot, too close
like sunburn

she closed her eyes
felt the fire
hit her skin
as she gave in


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