Thursday, August 30, 2007

the Ally to my Kate...

so I've been getting flack from my cuz-es about my preference to dark men over pretty boys....

so I called Tiffy aka Ally to get her point of view...

she wasn't helpful but she always bring da truffffff.

me: tiffy, I prefer dark chocolate men what's wrong with that???
Tiffy: Hi and how are you, rude azz...Nothing is wrong with preference in the least. I never condemned you for them. I also OBJECT. Your unnamed ex-husband is not dark chocolate. Tall: Yes. Complexion: Mocha with crème in him.

me: I've NEVER dated someone lighter than me..and I am brown skinned, doesn't mean I'm prejudice I just get turned on by darker skin
Tiffy: First of all. You. Are. NOT. Brown in complexion. From what I see, clearly, you are bright (fair) skinned. And did you purposely go through life passing up on liking lighter men or did they pass you by, thereby causing your paths to never intersect?

Me: NO I never passed up fair men but I never went after them either...I normally go for the guys that I GO AFTER I'm a GO GETTA... if they pursue or chase me then that's a MAJOR turn off.
and pretty boy told me he was lonely...so you know that's a NO NO..he's done...

Tiffy: RED FLAG...EWWWWWWWWWWWWW ... lonely? hello?? what man tells a woman he's lonely ...you guys just met!! that is so green....anyways continue
me: you are hilarious!

anyways.. I never thought about preference til I had this one guy tell me he prefers bigger women and that i'm the smallest women he ever dated..I admit that gave me a complex at first ... made me wonder ..well how could he like me?
I've tried my damndest to stay a size 8 but he likes them more around 16 and up
should I gain some weight...NOT
Tiffy: Obviously this brother understands what it means to not be overtly prejudice in his thinking. By all means, don’t pack on the pounds for the sake of keeping the penis interested. Size 8 is a considerably healthy weight and many women would kill (or diet) to get there.

me: I know but
after 3 months of us having the best sex EVER he says I'm making him change his preferences...

Tiffy: At least he has given it some time. Three months is no overnight switch. So, did he say that the pooty-tang of the big-boned sisters was somehow better than smaller framed ones, or he just always dated healthy girls. Is this by chance, Nephew Tommy from the Morning Show we are referring to?

me: gurl I don't even know who Nephew Tommy is! you and your radio shows
he says it is nice to be able to wrap his arms all the way around me and squeeze me and i'm flexible and can wrap my legs around his waist and butt *ahem*

Tiffy: Now you are just spreading your boasting too thin *LOL*. For real though, big-boned women can’t wrap their thunderous thighs around him is what he’s claiming?

me: I didn't get into alladat, you a mess

so readers..do you have a preference?? light vs. dark....thin vs. plump...tall vs. short
do you stick to it? or are you an Equal Opportunity Dater (EOD)??

of course its deeper than this..it wasn't just his skintone..he is boring, no personality and can't keep my interest past 15 minutes...


Pro said...

I'm such a hypocrite. Now that I am growing into myself, coming into my own, I've begun to notice I do have preferences. I love dark men. The weight issue is rather 'weighty' right now as it hit's home in my marital situation. If I am honest and could have my druthers, I would want physically fit vs. stocky-borderline-obese. Tall has been a good look, for me, of late against my 6'3" brothers I've encountered. It's the acutely skinny girl's stocky/overweight- guy-security-blanket to my vertically challenged self. I actually like the 'feeling' standing next to a really tall guy. My biological father is tall (from what I gather in photos and my family's word). My mom and I are the same height (5'3"). And to say that I've always preferred such and stuck with it would be an unequivocal NO. My track record resembles the Summer Olympic Games. The boys/men have been every complexion of the AFRICAN rainbow. Get that straight! African, all others need not apply. I've had kinda tall, damn near my height, but never shorter. Ew. Also, I must've, at one time or another, had a penchant for the 'Heavy D' type because I see that trend in a few of 'em. But then again, it's about the same amount as fit guys. OH! I had this college basketball player diggin' on me during my HBCU days and I wasn't feeling him at all. He was: Choc-o-latte, great Indian features, tall - like 6'5-ish, own car, crib, sweet to boot. Alas, I was into this average height, thickly built, thugged-out, immature homeboy from South Florida, so I didn't give 'good guy' the time of day. He eventually moved on. Between the drama of 'into dude' I later saw 'good guy' around the yard with a new love interest, and boy-o-man did he look. Fuine! I should'a slapped myself upside my noggin. Preferences. References. *Sigh*

1969 said...

Well damn Pro. LOL

I have no preference as far as complexion. My husband is kinda yelow and I tended to veer more toward chocolate or mocha latte...LOL When I met him, I was like....damn he's light. But he won me over.

More than complexion, I like a physically fit man. You don't have to have Lou Ferrigno type muscles...just be athletic. I love sports and like to do stuff outdoors so I tend to like men that are the same way.

lawbaw said...

I LOVE chocolate but I am open to all shades of African Rainbow (thanks pro!) and although I am chunky I love skinny skinny men. I don't know why but I like it.


Lola Gets said...

For the most part, I prefer men darker than myself (and that aint hard), but if someone attracts my attention in other ways, I dont let color dissuade me.

As for weight, I prefer men to be not much larger than I am. Thats somewhat for aesthetics, but more so for logistics: I have arthritis and I cant be doin a whole lotta thangs with a big man cause of the potential pain!

Mahogany Brown said...

I've been called shallow because of my MANY preferences lol. No one seems to reliaze that its not set in stone and that my dating history has gone so far from what my preferences are in the past that I could let me "list" go and never look back I wanted to. Even though my preferences color who it is that catches my eye, at the end of the day if I'm attracted to you, I'm attracted to you.

I don't care about complexion, but I have noticed that lately I am drawn to the light bright brothers. I do not date men who are shorter than me in heels. You must be 5'8 and above to ride this ride. I'm not immediately into big dudes, I like the athletic build but I don't like hard bodies. They look like they hurt lol. But the thing that trumps it all is a man with a fulfilling career, good credit, no baby mamas, his own place and whip and a great sense of humor.

And I know who your girl was talking about lol. Nephew Tommy is FINE, but I seriously doubt your dating him because he's a light bright lol.

Organized Noise said...

I don't have a preference per se, because true beauty is on the inside. I have dated tall, short, skinny, phat, well endowed, not so endowed, light-skinned, and dark-skinned. If you want a preference, history dictates that I prefer women my complexion or lighter, shorter than me, with . . . sorry, I forgot, you are trying to stay G-rated so I leave it at that.

Knockout Zed said...

My woman is hella yella. Extra light. I used to be into all chocolate broads, but I got caught by surprise.

That being said, you gotta expand those boundaries. You never know.


Roddykat said...

It's safe to say that I've never had a "preference" of woman, though I did tend seem to gravitate to older woman. Light/dark, short/tall(though I hadn't messed with one taller than myself, it didn't matter. And truthfully, it doesn't. Even messed with a Caucasian. The point is, the way someone looks may be the initial draw, but sticking around with them (not that anyone said that) because of that is bunk. It's how they treat you and that should go WAY farther than the color of their skin or height.