Tuesday, August 28, 2007

as real as I can get....

so Mr. Organized has a post today about looking in the mirror...made me think of this song...

what you see is what you get....is this always true??

I'm trying to think do I always show all my cards in the beginning
of any relationship??...with an employer, employee, friends, lovers.....

I do hold back a lot but I also GIVE GIVE GIVE and tell it all just depends on who you are. I initally trust everyone and that's not good.

I need to find a balance...I have a blind date coming up
set up by a friend of a cousin of a friend..not my typical TYPE
he's tall and lighter than me..I prefer them dark chocolate
he's more of a pretty boy..I prefer them rough around the edges

We've been talking and I've basically told him all the mistakes I've made
in this past year of being single..mistake no. 1
I told him all the things I wanted out of a relationship...and he told me
a lot about him and his life...nothing has turned me off yet..nothing
has made me cautious ... its only been 2 weeks how much of the real him
could I possibly know...

I'm trying to give him a chance..going against what I'd normally do...

normally I'd stay in an unhealthy relationship
normally I'd chase someone that didn't deserve my attention
normally I'd entertain someone that was boring as hell

this time i'm trying something totally new for me....the new gee remember??

so we'll see where it goes I just have to remember to hold back a lil
and not put it all out there....
I have to remember to not try to take control of the situation
try not to paint this image of all the things I am or can be

I'd rather let him get to see the real me on his own and form his own opinion
I'll let him take the lead...that's a thought...


Royce's Daughter said...

I'm with you...either you love me or you hate me but I AM WHO I AM and I try to remain true to that always. It feels better this way!!!

Cute pic Momma!

Organized Noise said...

Didn't Mary say it best? "Take Me As I Am". That's how it should be. If he can't accept all of you, he doesn't deserve any of you.

Mizrepresent said...

Hi GG, this dating thing can be sometimes difficult, for all the reasons you listed, like what you usually do...it's funny, i usually do the same, except last week when i met STALKER, and i tried, well, i finally came to a point where i told myself, hey, he ain't for you, and you know it, here you go being NICE again, and now look what NICE got you. You got to do for you, first and foremost, always!

1969 said...

Gee...how about you go on the date with NO EXPECTATIONS whatsoever.

Just go for the food and conversation. Do not go looking at him as a potential mate. Go into it with an open mind. That way, you might actually have fun and there's no pressure on either of you to win each other over.

And you look cute in that pic!

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

roycee...that's right so I try to tell folks upfront hey this is me, i'm this, i do this, never like for folks to wonder!
my cousin says is TMI! whatevers!
Mr. O, nobody deserves me! HAHA!!
MIZ..thanks for stopping by, I try to me but sometimes I end up doing the same things over and over again..just want to switch it up a lil, don't go with my first instincts...just to see if I get different results
1969, I wish I could go out and not wonder okay what is up with dude? what does he want from me? what's the game plan? how do I see him fittin in my life??...I need to know whats up...but I am making an effort to relax and not think so much on this date..can't promise anything after that!
what?? lol

Pro said...

Dejavu... I'm an initial "truster" too. I always promise myself that I will do better at withholding the next time, but alas, I realize that it what makes me REAL. I don't go disclosing BS, but I try to give people the best respresentation of moi there is to give on a first impression. If they come back I must be doing/saying stuff that didn't scare them away.

And I say, give "Considerate Light Bright" a foot in the door. Besides, I think your ass is color-blind. Brown-skindided my black ass! Don't make me take a poll on complextion without mentioning any names. *laffs*

And hot girl, where's your motorcycle?

anonymousnupe said...

Dang, Gee.

Mahogany Brown said...

Man Gee sometimes I can just cut and paste what you write and put it on my blog because I have some of the same issues. I used to have a "trust until I have a reason not to" policy and its gotten me more heartache and headaches than I can stand. I'm in the process of trying to find balance as well. I'm trying to figure out the difference between learning from past mistakes and holding others accountable for what people they don't even know have done to me.

As a fellow traveler, I wave to you from across this rocky sea just so you know that girl you aint by ya self.

The OE said...

When secret agents look in the mirror sometimes they see themselves and sometimes they see someone behind them about to be terminated for sneaking up on said secret agent.

Amadeo said...

I did something new when I started this relationship. I put things out there I usually I didn't. I touched on things I usually just let unfold. You know, I think it really worked out well.