Thursday, April 22, 2010

gee you bedda work it out....

Well dang..everybody is on the health kick!! I'm so happy to see all my friends eating better and working out...we need to take care of ourselves it so important for our minds and spirits. I'm jumping on that bandwagon too cuz shit I don't want to be left behind..and be the only fatty in the crowd!

I won't say I've never been on it but its been a minute..for me it started in college..I was the tall skinny girl (all my life) and never worried about working out or what I ate til I signed up for cheerleading. Our coach was a FITNESS FREAK! she made us count every single calorie we consumed and we had to take a body and muscle class and we all gained so much from her because I still remember all that stuff.

It was hard but I stayed a size 4 til my wedding day in 1997. My cinderella gown fit perfectly... I looked beautiful on my horse and carriage with my glass slippers...and...
okay i'm getting off topic.

back to working out...
so I was a size 4, got married then started reproducing and my tummy and my boobs started to spread..now I don't mind my 38C cup but the tummy has GOT to go...so in 2004 I joined a gym and got back into it..then like a dummy got pregnant again!!!

then I lost it again, then fell in love and gained it all back and now today I'm looking 6 months pregnant ...NO JOKE! I can now SQUEEZE into a size 8 jean and thats what I want but I want to be a slim and trim size 8 not a "My muffin top runneth over jeans size 8"
(don't laugh)
So like everybody else I'm starting to take action against the FAT!
I joined my local YMCA, its so freaking expensive that we only do it in the summers just for the camps and the pools but this time I actually signed up for a coach and ERRRRRRYTHANG!!!! I took one step/kick class and it KICKED my ass!!!

I meet up with my coach this weekend to go over my goals. He/She will weigh me, discuess my goals and map a plan so I can meet my target?? I'm not sure this will be my first time doing something like this.
I will have to do weight training, cycling, etc..and its all being tracked electronically and the results go to the coach so each week they can see if you cheated or not and if you are making progress.

In the meantime I'm taking a Pilates class today and a Body Pump class tomorrow and we kick off BOOT CAMP on Saturday!

GO ME, the NEW FIT GEE!!!!

Work It Out

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Mizrepresent said...

Wow you go Gee...i've been trying to stay on the workouts but fell off about 2-3 weeks ago, but i have been eating less and drinking less which resulted in losing 5 lbs. So i'm kinda happy. I know you can do it, plus it's just good for spirit too!

Singlemommyhood said...

Just dropping by to say hello. I'm a HUGE Pilates fan ...it's just what our post baby bodies need. The stretching and working on our core. Best of luck ...stick with it. You DESERVE it.

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

Thanks Miz...I've done 5 out of 7 days so I need to keep this momentum going!!!
SingleMH, thanks for stopping by...I have Pilates tomorrow..good for the abs and thats where I need all the work! and I can't blame it on the baby, she's 5!!! ;)