Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ankh....@ 40

My only gripe with having birthdays is when people say "You look good for your age" WTF..I HATE THAT!
I'm so excited to see

what the future

holds for lil ole me

once I turn 4-teeeeeee

I'm ready for the NEW NEW!
This will start GEMINI MONTH..shout out to my baby who was also born on JUNE 16th !!!

Tidbit No. 1. Sexual Preferences of a Gemini woman
This woman is quite unpredictable when it comes to sex. The place is not as important for her as mental stimulation. Gemini woman is open to new things with no prejudices about sex . But her strongest turn-on lies in her brain. Phone sex, adult DVD and sex books are among her favorite though, because she can't imagine her life without mental stimulation. Gemini woman is innately gifted with the art of teasing, that's why a soft feather in her hands turns into a spicy sensual play with the wide range of sensations. She likes to invent new ways and intricate manipulations of pleasing her partner. She may introduce balls into vagina and as her partner penetrate her from behind or combine it with manual stimulation of the genitals.

as flava flav would say..WOW WOW WOW WOOOOOOOOW!!!!
p.s. I have never had balls in my vagina....


anonymousnupe said...

But you've had balls on your vagina, right? Next time just "inhale." Or I guess you can try these.

See? I still care.

Mizrepresent said...

Well, Happy, Happy pre-birthday...i kind of like the idea of balls in vagina...don't know why, must be that freaky side of me speaking out. Beautiful pic, and you look great!

Roddykat said...

Gee Child!

Ok, yes that is annoying, but as I've said, who knows what a 40 year old (or any age) should really look like? you my dear, look good for any age. Truth!

As as far as the sexual preference bit, this is kinda what I was trying to get you to speak on (in a somewhat subversive admittedly). Apparently nobody bit, but I expected that. :) I think you'd have some good insight into things of a sexual nature. you'd be like Sue Johanson, but hotter. :) Now the real question is, outside of the Ben Wa in the booty, has Gee Double experimented in the likes of which she has spoken of? Phone sex, I believe, is checked off already.

And since nobody else will say it, I will. No balls in the vagina, huh? Guess they hadn't been getting deep enough. :)

(Sorry, had to)

BklynAKA said...

Happy pre-birthday Gee. You look good in the picture and HAPPY!!!!

40 is gonna be a great year for you (and for me next year). We are gonna show these youngsters how the grown folks do it. LOL

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

Mr.Nupe..ben wa balls huh? I've seen those used in porn videos but alas I've never tried them or even seen them in real life....and thanks for still caring *wink*
Miz..thank you thank you..not sure if I'm sold on the balls..i'd be afraid of losing one forever..that would not be a cute look trying to explain that to someone in the ER LOL!
Mr Rod...sweetcakes..thanks for the compliment..hmmm wow you want all my business out there huh..I'd have to email you that! LOL!
bklynaka..thanks so much ..and yes we need to set examples for the young folk..thanks so much for visiting! now I expect you to stay!!!

Organized Noise said...

Big shout out to my fellow Gemini. There is no qualifier necessary. You just look good. Have fun and don't let anyone tell you you are old.

Proactiff said...

You look gr8! Like 4 sets of perfect 10s! You know I heart you (even though I HATE that you are my ideal height, but I guess we are even seeing you swear by my ideal weight... As an aside, you would look totally Janice Dickenson sick if you got down to my size with all your height) and can't wait to fnally SEE you next month. Bring in the 'birfday' booze! LMAO

arychtexas said...

ummmm you do look good for your age but i think thats a compliment b/c black women at 40 usually are on the fat side. black people period. i belive we "per statistic" are the highest risk for heart disease so be grateful and thank your self for your hot body at 40!! plus 40 is the new 20! 30 just 30!

Eb the Celeb said...

Look at you too... too cute...

B. Good said...

Well, you do look great girl! At any age :)

Ummm...balls in the vajayjay? I feel like thats too much goin in at one time, lol. It sounds awkward, but hey! What do I know? hahaha