Tuesday, September 11, 2007

stay away mr. clean...

I wish you were
a neighbor
a friend
a buddy
that lived close by
that I could see all the time
and avoid whenever I needed to
and be happy with
and be sad with
listen to me
when I tell you
how so many times
I feel like such an idiot
tell you how I wish I could change
all the stupid things I say
that make all the outcomes the same
never going down a different road
maybe you could write them all down
for me so when I say something
brilliant it will be recorded
all the intelligent musings
that come out of my mouth
skyrocket them in the
air for all too see
those that don't believe
that I'm the same person all the time
all the masks just cover temporarily
I wish you could be my boyfriend
wrap your arms around me
and tell me that
I need to just be, relax and melt
that I shouldn't second guess myself
that I am my biggest enemy
I wish you could take me away
to a place
from all the things
that make me wonder
negative things that make
me cower
and color a smile on my face
never fading
not even with a magic eraser


Pro said...

Man, "Magic Erasers" really work? I can't be your boyfriend, but I can listen and encourage, and make you laugh (which coincidentally doubles as a smile:), 'alladat' - a La GeeGee, 2007; etc. And since the title of this one is about stay away and clean, I'd like to add in a loud voice: NO MORE WIYAH HANGERRRRRRRRRRRRS!

Ray said...

love it, what it do GG...

Amadeo said...


Girly_Girl said...

Nice work! Thanks for visiting my Neurotica blog. I appreciate your feedback!