Tuesday, September 18, 2007

shut up and drive

I want to always be the 2008 Jaguar convertible on display
in the front semi circle driveway
hear all the neighbors say
ooooh and ahhhhhhhhh

Don't want to be the 1964 Vintage Chevy
that drives heavy,
that nobody sees, hidden away

I am the XK series powerful, exciting
and the most technically advanced.
You'll dream of me and my 400-hp supercharged
V8 engine that's been enhanced

zipping in and out, fast and then slow
with a close gear ratio
to move me
at the speed you desire to go
I see you checking out my features:
automatic wiper sensors and
my touch screen navigation system
I'll take you anywhere you want to linger
Just touch me with your finger...
yeah that one
and I'll take you to heaven and back
never leaving you stranded
keeping all your miles in tact

my ride is supple and controlled
Black diamond finish pearl,
I exude grace and beauty
Like my namesake I'm agile,
athletic and ready for duty

But in the right gear
I can stalk low and slow
on a midnight creep with you
watch my fog lights glow.

I'm expensive I know but its a one time fee
ride in the wind let yourself be free

Honey I'm factory fresh, hot off the press
trust me, you'll be impressed
19inch wheels all four on the ground,
so when you enter me it's from behind

You get in, fill me up,
take possession and control

hand stitched leather seats
watch them take hold
taking you on a ride
my Pirrelli's grip the road
like fingers and toes
bluetooth connectivity
just enter your code

waiting curbside purring like a kitten
nine lives, you already smitten
you'll never have to nurse me
back to life
buy me new stuff,
treat me better than your wife

I've got 5 speed manual transmission,
giving you the ability to make easy transitions

Yeah I got what every man wants,
but I'm customized for you...
me and my new car smell
what can I do for you, Boo.


lawbaw said...

Wow you have crazy skills!!!

But why couldn't I stop thinking about R. Kelly's "You remind me of my jeep" while reading this? I had to read it twice because the first time that song was invading my brain. LOL


1969 said...

Love it Gee!!!!!

Pro said...

This is FIYAH! I think I'll name her "Desire."

You know I got nothing but love for your talented ass....

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

so u are customized.....yummy...nice blog

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

lawbaw...I thought of that song too when I was looking for some tunes
thanks 1969 and PRO!
torrance, thanks for the compliment and welcome!

B. Good said...

I liked this post. "Shut up and drive" - new phrase for Fall '07.


Damn, I can dig it!

May just be your best piece to date lil mama...

Anonymous said...

Haven't been through in awhile. Look at what I've been missin'! What brother doesn't love cars and women (or is that women and cars)? Now you want to morph the two together?

I'm done!


Roddykat said...

Love it!

This has to be the most well written innuendo on Frisbee throwing I ever read...

Seriously, love the post. It's pretty hot(in more ways than one)!


Gemini Girl aka GG said...

bgood, I think I will use it often also!
thanks BK!
Sog, thanks, I aim to please and it seems men love women and cars..go figure!
Mr. Rod, hey babycakes, did you catch the frisbee...and thanks!