Monday, September 10, 2007

Expectation Level: green

he had her at RED
just realized it today
that she escalated it to
her not him
oh he used to
he brought her there
then left her to wonder
expect too much
now she's
no longer expecting him to stay
expecting him to call
re arrange his life for her
realized today
dayum what took so long
her expectations have been
an unrealistic bubble
that just happened to burst today
why today of all days
like that watermelon bubbalicious
when she was a lil girl
dreaming of dreams that
seemed impossible
but he could make come true
he did
then packed them off
in a neat lil box

she let him
and she knew what was
to come
but still
the expectations were so high
knowing it couldn't last
but still all in
knowing she couldn't keep it up
wasn't that type
but still going deeper
finding out
his supply was under
someone else's demands

took her too much time to
find out
open her eyes and see
she would never be
what she expected to be
to him
that was a faity tale
fantasy in her head
not his
that at first she denied
she wanted
then took it
pulled it out
and he grabbed it back
right from under her feet
and she fell
and now today she
decides to get up
with my help

1 comment:

Pro said...

I expect "green" means go, as in, away. Or does it simply mean all systems are go? My favorite line, "his supply was under
someone else's demands," packs a lot of power.

Boys to Men already done told us "It's so hard to say good-bye to yesterday." Take heed...