Saturday, May 1, 2010

Taken by storm....

They met like they did every weekend only this time it was in the middle of a tornado warning. She drove thru hail literally to get to him. On the way, in her head, she planned out everything she would say to him -how much she missed him, how much she wanted them back together, how she was sorry for all the mistakes she'd made, but once she got to him she felt the distance and the hesitancy so she pulled back and immediately felt rejected. He asked if she wanted to grab something to eat. Defeated she lowered her head, said NO and grabbed for her keys.
The winds pick up outside and under her skirt. She ran to her car, pretending she had somewhere to go and he let her politely, as always, run.

While driving back north, to home the rain became even heavier and she could barely see out her window, thru her tears, she dailed his number anyways.
"How can you be so insensitve to my feelings? How can you let this go, Where is the effort??
He asked her to pull over, at the underpass, he was following her, parked behind her, she moved to her passenger side he was at her door already. Her heart was beating as loud as the thunder was pounding and her eyes closed and the lightening struck overhead. The cars crept by them as he slid off her panties and slid into her tight wet place that had not been touched in months, she never stopped crying thru each stroke. She even felt his tears on her shoulders with each thrust. Suddenly the rain stopped, he pulled out and off back into the highway.
Everything was still.
No rain, no tears.
She finally knew it was over.


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