Sunday, October 26, 2008

random gee...

"I gotta ask myself..what's it gonna be...I gotta make decisions.."
this weekend..

took lower case gees (i love that...) to see HSM3..it was adorable!!

baked these (quick peel apart dough ready in 12 - gotta love good and quick)

kissed him *muah*

started to knit this

bought this

caught up with this dude
... wow!

all these things keep me sane..tv, music, family, the champ, crafts, chocolate!!!

"In and out the day
In and out the night
Im a find my way
Just 2 survive"


Skoolboi Krush said...

Hey! Is that a chocolate brown scarf? LOL

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

cookies look great butpic of u and krush looks even better

1969 said...

You had a good weekend Gee.LOL

And Dexter is the shyt! Now I need you to start watching True Blood. Get on that okay?