Monday, October 6, 2008

QOTD: everyday intimacy

The Champ and I (for the past 8 months) have this daily ritual of sending each other questions of the day..any topic...nothing off limits...here's one of them...

The Champ: I read an article in today’s paper about a wife who gave her husband the gift of intimacy everyday for a year. They decided to turn off the television and try some sort of intimacy each day. Do you think that is a realistic goal? Could you see us doing something like that?
CookieLady: Yes of course, we already practice this..when we just lay and chill next to one another..talking..reconnecting after a busy week. When we sit and watch movies together you rubbing my feet, us cuddling...When we sex each other all up and down, in every room. When we hold hands at a play or concert, when we kiss in a movie, when we hug on the street and when we don't see each other we do it with words for example; letters, emails, txts, phone calls. We've even done it via Webcam.
CookieLady: What are some ways she gave him intimacy?
The Champ: They didn’t go into detail about the types of intimacy but mainly they were talking about getting it on. I do enjoy just laying in the bed talking and relaxing with you.
CookieLady: Getting it on every single day???
The Champ: The wife said they averaged 26 – 28 days a month.
Cookie Lady: Well DANG!
The Champ: LOL
CookieLady: Now you answer
The Champ: I think it’s realistic to have some type of intimacy everyday but I don’t know about getting it in each time. Yes, I think we could do something like that. The couple in the article had been married for twenty years and had several children
CookieLady: I will try very hard to give it you..whatever you want and I need..I want to provide that to you
TheChamp: and you do


Skoolboi Krush said...

What made you start with this one?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

dang sounds like yummy to me

Organized Noise said...

I heard about this. this lady gave her husband the gift of sex everyday for a year as a birthday present. at the end of the year she wrote a book about the experience and how it made them closer. I did a post on it a while back.

Mr.Slish said...

Sex EVERYDAY! Think I would get bored..lol Now if she brought her girlfriends over...(insert devilish grin here)

Roddykat said...

Hi Gee double!

Interesting post. Might have to stole this from you. I saw these folks on Oprah or somewhere. It's an interesting idea in theory, but everyday doesn't seem possible for various reasons. It'd be worth a go, but I'm in agreement with your man. Some type of intimacy should be done.

Pro said...

i've heard of a colon cleanse, but do you think they have a "semen cleanse" a bit stronger than massengill to clean her out after a year of sex'n? if they do, i think i have the libido to handle gettin' it in that often; however, i got an aunt who flows too long in my parts to keep the record straight. pun intended.

Giles said...

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