Thursday, April 10, 2008

please understand...

cute M.S.N article someone emailed me

Top 5 signs you could have a player on your hands…

1) He’s bold. For the playa, the pickup is a game. He doesn’t approach women with the same nervousness or awkwardness of a normal guy. He’ll walk up confidently, {READ SWAG} with a big smile and great eye contact. His manner will be smooth and put-together.

2) He declares his feelings right away. Playas employ a “fast come-on,”making sweeping statements of affection (e.g., “You’re the most perfect woman I’ve ever met”) from the word go. These declarations can feel very welcome, especially if you’ve been in a string of relationships that lacked such intimacy. Just remember that true closeness takes time, and it’s normal for a guy to be more guarded about his emotions.

3) He always plans romantic dates. Dating for the playa is kind of a performance art. And he’s going to be good at it.

4) He has lots of acquaintances, no close friends. The playa tends to be a lone wolf. That doesn’t mean he lacks for drinking buddies. The same way he charms women, he can charm lots of people in his life. The key is that, in friendship as in romance, his affections run broad but not deep. If solid pals are hard to come by with this guy, consider yourself warned.

5) He’s a thrill seeker. A guy who spends his spare time looking for a rush — fast driving, bungee jumping, kite-boarding, heli-skiing — should give you pause. This type, craves the high that comes from conquering a difficult challenge, and that goes for his relationship goals as well. Once he’s “conquered” you, your allure may quickly fade. …

WELL DAYUM...what do you guys think - true or false..and here is the flip side

TOP 5 signs he’s just a nice, upstanding guy

1) He’s goofy. The sincere suitor is not suave. He doesn’t always say the right thing. “Believe me,” “The false charmer does not trip. He knows where his feet are at all times.”

2) He remembers personal details and events. It’s the most basic way to show someone you care—by learning about his or her life and interests. Playas can’t be bothered with this.

3) He treats his mama right. Generally speaking, a loving family begets a loving person, and the opposite is also true.

4) He can mingle. “The sincere guy doesn’t mind being in a room with people who are more accomplished than he is.” Conversely, the playa wants to be in situations that will glorify only himself, especially around his woman. He doesn’t want to listen to another man’s interesting story. A loving guy, on the other hand, can mix with others even when he’s not the star of the show, and actually enjoys learning things from them.

5) He says, “I love you.” As fawning as a playa's affections are, there’s still something sacred about the L-bomb. An insincere man would say, “I want to grow old with you,” or “I want to have children with you,” but “I love you” remained somehow off limits. A guy who says those three magic words may very well mean them.

Right now I'm falling for a guy that's a lil bit of playa and a lil bit of good guy..
he's a gemini..no wonder!!!

You can't play me, I'm GEE Thee G-E-E


PRO said...

LOL @ the Gemi' reference. You know how I feel about y'all asses. Someone tells me that I'm more wired Gemini than Virgo. Not. Really. We just relate on all kinds of fronts! Digressing. Those are some good points the article made. I have a helluva nice guy I'm married to. Game recognize game on all other lames...

Skoolboi Krush said...

These same signs go for female players, right?

Blah Blah Blah said...

Ummm, so as I was reading I made "he" into me...just to see if I might have playa tendencies...

Let's just say I think this list is stupid! LOL

Single Black Male.net said...

Initially I thought there was nothing player related to planning romantic dates, mainly because I usually put a lot of effort into really nice dates.

But after thinking about it ... my dates are overly romantic. Their all special and catered to the person, but not necessarily romantic.