Tuesday, April 15, 2008

mi.ami. you tight.word....

She barely made it through her meetings today at work.
All she could think about was her plans for TC.
She knew their next adventure would involve a beach
and some serious bumping and grinding on a dance floor.

She spent the entire afternoon looking for flights and
making hotel arrangements before calling him and asking him
to meet her at the airport.

They both arrived at 630pm. He was freshly shaven and
smelling good with his black overnight bag hanging from his shoulder.
6'3" , sexy and chocolate.

She was wearing a white trench coat and he wasn't sure what was underneath
but his mind wandered to the evening before when he was standing over her,
naked on his bed, watching her rub her smooth pink suzie q (as she called it),
while he watched, while he stroked himself....while he fantasized.

WHEW! He shook his head fast..trying to save those visions for later..
trying to get them out of his head now as he walked thru the airport.
He didn't want anyone to see his erection thru his jeans but she saw it right away...
and she smiled a big smile knowing it was all for her.
To return the favor she flashed him a thigh..
he caught a glimpse of her black lacey garter, stockings and 5 inch heels. he grinned.
DAYUM he could hardly walk after that he was so fucking horny for her...
and he wanted and needed what was under that coat.

Even though they'd been dating for months each time with her felt like the first time...
even when they'd just spent the midnight hour sexin in the front seat of his truck hours,
later he'd need her again like he'd never had her.
She grabbed his hand just then and slowly kissed him
he smelled her and melted she then pulled him towards their gate..
they didn't have much time.
he looked up .
destination Miami.

once settled in their assigned seats his hands felt her warm skin..
the seat belt sign was lit and the flight attendent started her pre flight safety speech

"Please turn your attention to the safety manual located in the front pocket of the seat in front of you"
he slide his hands between her warm , soft, thighs, pulled her thongs aside and found her wetness, she inhaled
he slide in his middle finger and she exhaled
"Please take this time to locate the emergency exits located at the front, side and rear of the plane"
He used his thumb to rub circles around her clit..she slowly started to move her hips
"To operate your seat belt, insert the metal tab into the buckle, and pull tight and low across your waist."
she grabbed his hard thru her coat and pushed it deeper , she started to move faster
"In the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure, masks will descend from the ceiling."
She started to tremble as he whispered in her ear "cum for me baby..let me feel it..I know you can do it...do it right here...right now..I won't stop til you do." her movements were short and quick jolts, she almost lost her breath
"Your seat cushions can be used for a flotation device" the flight attendent continued.
This time he stuck in 2 fingers and it was all she could to not scream out...
as she came all over him
"Thanks for flying with our airline..Please remain in your seats until the captain has turned off the seatbelt sign"
her: thanks baby...once we get in the air I'm going to show you my appreciation somehow
him: I'm looking forward to that


"Everything.. ccccccheck
Thats why i cant wait to slip off your clothes
and lick you from head to toe"


PRO said...

"Two round trip tickets please."

"To where, madam?"

"Ion care. Anywhere I have to fly to."

*Cheesy grin*

Skoolboi Krush said...

Wow! I'll never hear that pre-flight safety speech the same. You making it real HARD for a brother.

Roddykat said...

Ooooooh yooz a frick! I Like IT!