Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the art of noise...

Its no secret that words get me and
I use words to get a reaction
I admit that
lyrically i'm...

talking too much during sex WooooW
has this happened to you..the guy is too chattybratty???
the girl just won't shut up??

I admit it I LOVE FOR A MAN to whisper in my ear
all the things I love to hear like

"give it to me baby"
"I know you got one more for me baby"
"tell me how you want it baby"

dAYUM that gets me

but sometimes I wonder if what I'm saying is good to him
or is it a distraction

have you ever wanted to say

"shut up baby"


TOP 5...

1) whats the sexiest thing you've heard during

2) whats the goofiest

3) what do you fantasize about hearing

4) are you the most talkative one

5) would you prefer silence??

what cha'll know bout beat box???

quiet please....


Roddykat said...

Last ??? 1st: MAAAAAANNNNN! That was THE Joint back in the day. Next to Moments in Love it's one of my favorite jams. I still remember Penny Marshall (Laverne) was on SNL breakdancing with a crew to this song.


1) A few well placed moans, a little "Right there, right there" into a "harder" to a "YESSSS!" when it gets ramped up....

Oh, I don't know. can't really say. :)

2) Oh I don't know, having a full on conversation while we're in the motions.

3) what do you fantasize about hearing

4) Nope

5) No, 'cause then I'd be worried.
Don't make bust out some cardboard up in here.

Hey Gee, You remember when people used to call it "Doin' the nasty"?

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

boooooyyyyyeeeeeeee - doing the nasty..WOW! that brings back memories!
Mr. Rod, good morning!!! loving the answers...the stuff I fantasize about I don't actually want to hear..but in my head they sound good ;)

Single Black Male said...

1. My name moaned

2. "Owww my back" ... I can't move (I threw her back out ... hilarious).

3. My name moaned ...

4. Never

5. I'm silent ... but I hate it when she is. Hypocritical ... eh ... maybe

Tha L said...

1)look into my eyes and see how you make me feel

2)*some incoherent gurgling sound, plus the crazy fuck-face to go with it* all a sista could do was LMAO

3)that's right bitch...who's you're daddy *LOL!*

4)not talkative, but loud as hell (if he knows how to work it)

5)silence, only if there's intense eye contact

anonymousnupe said...

1) whats the sexiest thing you've heard during:
A few: She grunted, "Damn, boy, don't let any woman ever tell you you ain't good for somethin'!" And, "Oh, my God! You know exactly where to taste!" And my favorite, "Oh, shit, you gonna make me cum in your mouth! Is that what you want, baby?" And finally, her singing the "Lollipop Guild" song in a shrill munchkin voice.

2) goofiest: That psuedo farting sound the coochie makes when stroked just so.

3) what do you fantasize about hearing: "Baby, my roommate wanted to know if she could join us this time."

4) are you the most talkative one: Yes. I'm quite vocal, but it's not always intelligible "talk."

5) would you prefer silence?? Oh, no, I want to hear everything that's running through her mind, even if it's about something completely random.

RealHustla said...

1) whats the sexiest thing you've heard during: This is yo dick, do you understand me? Yo dick. (I wish that remained true). Oh and - I'll keep it hard as long as you need me to.

2) whats the goofiest: I know it's little (why would he say that?, that's just stupid.)

3) what do you fantasize about hearing: This is yo dick, I'll keep it hard as you want me to, you got some bills that need paying? Hahaha.

4) are you the most talkative one: I wine and groan but try not to talk for fear of saying something crazy cause I'm thinking some wild stuff.

5) would you prefer silence??: Nope, talk Big O outta me.

PRO said...

1) whats the sexiest thing you've heard during... Damn! I didn't know the shit was THIS deep/warm/soft/wet inside!
2) whats the goofiest...Make. That. Pussy. Bite.
3) what do you fantasize about hearing...Insert a string of expletives because words can't express my audible fantasy. (See also #5)
4) are you the most talkative one...only when I'm bout to come then do I become vocal. "Aw... Fuck. I'm coming. Fuck... Uh uh uh... Shit. *Gushing sound* Who turned on the faucet?
5) would you prefer silence??... Muhfukka ain't got to say shit. I know his ass gone come. That's the intent; not always a given though. Sometimes the movie theater ain't the only place where "Silence is golden." I want to hear (my) ass clapping and getting smacked, titties swooshing in the air, sweaty bodies slapping up against each other, the in-out sound, furniture being misplaced and heavy breathing.

But this just me...

what cha'll know bout beat box???... Duh, that's the Fat Boys. Are they back? LOL

anonymousnupe said...

Dang, Pro. I think you just made me soil myself. Oh, well. It's Friday.

Lola Gets said...

Um, ok I see youre talking about sex again...lol.