Monday, May 4, 2009

love for sale...

why wasn't this sold in stores??

I need this album!!! PRONTO!

Bilal must be a gemini..cuz he's truly an artist..hot - cold and - inbetween
The champ and I saw him Saturday night

n'dambi opened for him HOT..her energy was SICK!!!

Bilal lingered out around 11pm..with algebra as a back up singer SHE"S HOT
he didn't have his regular band and seemed frustrated by it
had to play some of his own songs on the piano cuz homeboy wasn't getting it

he seemed irritated
and high
and algebra seemed worried or concerned about him

pure love on her face for him...
I was wondering the whole time if he felt the love coming from his fans
like a gemini I felt he was anazlying our responses
he seemed reluctant to do an encore but he did


When he did SOMETimes the crowd went crazy~
and Make me over is my new JAM!

and for the record he was checking me out of course!! behind his shades

"make me over, make me over..."


Skoolboi Krush said...

The show was off the hook but I really enjoyed the company more. Had a great time. Yeah, he was checking you out just like N'dambi was checkin for me. LOL

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Last time I saw Bilal he spent most of the concert molesting his keyboard. His live show was so different than his recorded stuff.

Edwin said...

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