Wednesday, January 21, 2009

new new..things to do...

For my 100th post (on this blog)...I wanted to post 100 things we should do this year!

1) Write a letter to the President (congratulations, thanks, anything encouraging)

"Loving Everything You Do

Cuz You Do It Well"

2) Write your mom a letter
3) women get an annual complete with pap smear and mammogram (done 1/26/08)
4) kiss a baby
5) gentlemen have your prostate checked
6) kiss a pet
7) give lover lap dance
8) babysit (if you don't have kids it will make or break you)
9) do the robot at a house party
10) really leave toxic friends behind
11) sing out loud to your lover
12) knit something (its so relaxing)
13) go to a concert
14) travel to the islands
15) make a scrapbook (DONE)
16) plant a tree
17) become an organ donor (DONE)
18) drive coast to coast
19) buy a sex toy (DONE)
20) write kids a letter tell them how proud you are of them
21) make love in the rain
22)see a foreign film (subtitles a must)
23)Visit the white house
24) shake hands with a celebrity
25) go camping
26) be an extra in a movie
27) throw a huge party (i've never had a party thrown for me...PHOOEY!)
28) go see a taping of a show , or be on a show (I was on Oprah!)
29) sit on a jury (done that..couldn't escape it living in DC)
30) fall in love and stay in love!

okay I can't think of anymore, already bored with this lil project LMAO!!!

add yours in the comments....can we make it to 100???

"Will you succeed? Yes, you will indeed (98 3/4% guaranteed)." - Dr. Seuss


Mizrepresent said...

I love this...i used to knit, so maybe i'll take it up again, or even crocheting...did them both.

I want to be an extra in a movie and audition for a stage play.

Oh, so many possibilities girl...guess i'm just gonna need to post about it! Have a great weekend!

CapCity said...

LOLOLOL @ u getting bored at 30 (specially since I'm determined to come up w/ 1000 things I'm thankful for & i'm @ 260! LMAO!).

How 'bout:
* Write your Dad a letter (to complement #2:-).
* Be OPEN TO luv (my goal 4 2009 - a li'l different than your #30;-)
*Go to house of worship once a month
*Volunteer w/ elders

-- tha's all I've got. Heck I just came by to say HEY & U got me working! LOL!!

P.S. I can tell u how to get outta jury duty;-)