Tuesday, November 25, 2008

super bad...

I'm officially an XBOX widow.

The Champ and I are hosting Turkey day at his place...wish us luck! The menu sounds yummy but will it taste yummy!

My MAC lip gloss is poppin - Viva Glam VI

Work is slow and boring. I hope I get off early tomorrow.

Seems like all the lil people in my life want webkinz..I'm so sick of buying these things.

I hope I get a new coach bag for christmas...HINT, HINT!

My medium bikini panties are getting smaller and smaller on my..I think my bootay is growing!!!

My happiness is back....I will never let someone steal all that joy from me again.

My 2 bestest girlfriends live in NC and in TX..I miss them so much..They both called me yesterday and I wish we could HANG!

Why do all my college buddies want me to spend half my day on facebook. No I do not want to find MR. TH that left me for my cheerleading coach!! HAHA!

I think the next store I open will be a Porn shop full of movies, books, toys and coffee.. Yeah COFFEE!!!

oh and another thing I'm NO. 1 in my fantasy basketball league..SUCKAS!!! and its my first time playing...I do my RESEARCH SON!!!!...

"watch me.....watch me...I got soulllllllllllllllll...and I'm super bad!"



Organized Noise said...

Glad to hear that you are happy again. Let me know when you open that porn shop.

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

Mr. O...how are you??!..Do I owe you an email or do you owe me..lemme check LOL!...so are you saying you will be my first customer??

Skoolboi Krush said...

You want to play Xbox more than me...some widow!

Think positive about the food.

Love the lip glass!

I see you are thowing hints over here....we'll see what Santa brings you.

Momma always said...sex makes your butt grow.

We like the happy GG

Yeah, I can't wait for the porn/coffee shop.

Like I tell you all the time, let's see where your fantasy team is at the end of the season.

Roddykat said...

If you can't beat 'em, practice until you do. The 'Box is fun, isn't it? :) Anytime you wanna go at Street Fighter II, Holla!

But now you can say you got little webby's with you.

Just catching up with you. I'm glad you're happy! Whoever stole your joy was not worth the energy anyway.

Man, if you come through any part of the Carolinas and don't speak, imma be highly upset to the fullest levels of upsetidnedss.

LOL @ Fantasy Basketball. Congrats, glad you don't gloat. lol

And umm, let me know when the store opens. I'd make the trip for that. I could use some... coffee. On second thought, could you throw some Tea in that shop? Umm,yea. :)

Hope your Turkey day was cool!

Single Black Male.net said...

Porn movies and coffee ... I want to be the first to know when that opens up.

Something about caffeine and titties ... hmmmmm ... that gives me an idea for later ...

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

So you guys like the Shop Idea??..KEWL! I will be sure to use you guys when I start testing the market!!!
@ Krush...don't hate cuz I'm ahead of you in Fantasy BBall! LUV YOU!
@ Mr. Rod...YOu do indeed owe me an email..thanks for checking in! I will definitely add Tea to da menu!
@ SBM..well hello stranger! nice to *see* you! what idea?? gimme the scoop!!!!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

great hit krush u get that lol

brwn_eyes_brwngirl said...

Glad to see your joy back...and how was your thanksgiving?

Theodore said...

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